It’s rather ironic, I must say.

For years, I have had an ambition in publishing writings on my work for creating myself a name around what I do in my work.

On that journey, I have produced quite some blog posts, articles, contributed with chapters for books and so on but have never really been satisfied with the outcome.

Last year I ended up launching a series of writing webinars with the secret agenda that through showing participants what have been working for me so far they would teach me too in this didactical framework.

In other words, I got people to sign up with the purpose that I wanted to learn from them. (It was “pay-what-you-want”-webinars so my moral could handle it…)

The series actually helped me a lot to gain more clarity on what I do when I write well and at the end… voila… I had a book.

Not exactly on my work as a coach, facilitator and consultant but on how to build up a writing routine.

And I have realised that I apparently needed this pre-first-step to get up and going for my “real” writing projects.

Although this project for sure has been a lot of work of drafting over finishing and lay-outing (yes an e-book has its own special life of lay-out) to figuring out how and where to put it out.

At least now I am ready for the original publishing projects I intended to do. In other words my first small step…

And I am damn proud of it.