Embark on a transformative journey

Solution-Focused Team Coaching Supervision


Embark on a journey where your skills evolve, challenges become learning opportunities, and the solution-focused approach is at the forefront.

For who?

Team Coaches and Leaders. Although the solution-focused methodology will be used in the meetings, you don’t need to know anything about this approach. You will learn it along the way.
If you are already a solution-focused practitioner, you will know that this environment is right for you, and we can assure you that you won’t start from scratch but can build on you current experience.

What you get

Know-how in team coaching

Personalized Growth: Bring your own cases into play, building on your experiences and developing your competencies as a team leader. This hands-on approach ensures your growth is tailored to your unique challenges.

Interactive Reflection: Together, we’ll create a dynamic environment for reflection and mutual learning. Harness the group’s collective wisdom and gain insights that transcend individual experiences.

Solution-focused problem-solving: Navigate challenges constructively and appreciatively. Gain practical insights into handling issues, even in the most stressful and pressured circumstances.


Improve your team coaching skills

Shape your personal learning path

Learn from real life cases

Learn from other practitioners

We will meet up 4 times this year online per ZOOM. Every group supervision will be hosted by either Jesper or Kati, or both, depending on the topics you bring in.

Dates in 20234: March 26th, June 18th, September 3rd and November 25th, from 1-4 pm Central European Time.

Each meeting will be 3 hours.

Confidentiality: All discussions and insights shared during supervision are strictly confidential.

Where are you now?

What are you doing well today that you want to strengthen and develop further?
In what situations do you want to become an even better team leader or team coach?

What's your focus?

What do you want to focus on?
–> In the group meetings?
–> Between the meetings?

Create awareness of your progress and achievements.

What's your learning?

How will you know that your learning goes in the desired direction?
What do you want to try out in your own environment?
How will your team know that you have become better?


About Us

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It’s reinforcing and refreshing to listen to the other participants and get to know how they are doing team coaching. It was reassuring and confidence building.
It is amazing that it’s going on online. I would never get to be in a room so easily with so many experts from so many different domains thank you for this easygoing way of meeting online!
I found myself in a Community of Practice containing a wide range of experience and know-how sharing. I got people to reflect on my projects in an empathic, encouraging and motivating way.
The different tools, ideas, aspects and shared experiences seemed to me like a rich and healthy buffet, where I could serve myself!
“Learning by doing” – the way Kati and Jesper facilitated the course, by leading us “from one step behind” amazed and fascinated me.
Although I’m sure that they had a lot of things prepared, our sessions were flowing naturally, the cases presented from the participants fitted in perfectly with the sessions and they gave us plenty of room to practice.
Apart from the overall inspiration I’ve got from the cases, it’s also the different way of thinking and asking questions that is significant in these sessions. And all the small nuances I get to know when we share our stuff with each other.

Katalin Hankovszky


Kati is an independent trainer and coach, coming from a pedagogical background, working in business and training environment since 1995.
She co-created the concept of solution focused training methodology which allows a resource based work with teams and groups on a required topic.

Jesper H Christiansen


Jesper has been working as an independent consultant since ’97, after his graduation as Kaospilot. Since 2000, he has been working in the field of systemic theory, and since 2004, he has used a solution-focused approach. He’s supporting his governmental and corporate clients towards their goals with participative and appreciative methods.

We are practitioners ourselves and are on a constant learning path.

Join us now!

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Team Coachings

Learn From The Comfort of Home or work

Online gahterings

All meetings are online on Zoom. That means you can join from the comfort of your own home or work as you want and what fits your daily schedule.

Please note that the group meetings are in real-time. Due to confidentiality, we do not record anything unless it’s agreed upon in the group.
However tools, presentations and other materials will be available to you after each meeting.


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