Snap In, Snap Out!

This two-hour pay-what-you-want-webinar is for you who wants to get started writing about your solution focused practice.

It might be for marketing purpose, knowledge sharing, personal learning or pure fun. Maybe you are already in the process but find it hard to get on with it.

Personally I am a slow writer but still enjoy it very much, and through my interest in how others write I have built up a simple useful (solution focused) way of writing for myself.

I will share what works for me in building up a routine when needed, and you will discover what you already do that works for you. These two things combined will (hopefully) lead to that you can put together your own tips & tricks that can help you snap in and out of a writing routine when needed.

May 28th 2019 @ 7:30-9:30 PM –  UTC+2 Central European Summer Time


Jesper H Christiansen is a coach, trainer and consultant working internationally with both SME’s and global entreprises.

As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and certified Solutionsurfers trainer he works with managers and teams on all levels in organisations.

In Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship Europe he helps entrepreneurs and start-ups to transfrom from passionate innovators to passionate leaders.