Author: Jesper H Christiansen

“Integrity” – an exercise

On a SF mailing list we follow, from our community SOLworld, there recently was a reguest for an exercise in a 60 min. workshop to illustrate “integrity”. A lot of good input came from people and what triggered my mind (and what I ended up contributing) was this “homebrewed” exercise. It has bit’s and pieces from other exercises. I couldn’t help to fine tune the idea so if you have read it on this list this will be slightly different. 60 min isn’t much, integrity is a big word but it has (preferably) to be fun. I like that....

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When Ghosts brings treasures

A photoprotocol of the exploratory workshop at SOLWorld conference 2011, Balatonfüred, Hungary. If you participated in the workshop you might want to reflect about: What did your fellow participants say – during the workshop – that you found interesting from your perspective? What insight did you write on your paper-plane and what insight did you get? Thank you Monika Strickler and Marika Tammeaids for the photos. Download the file here: When Ghosts brings...

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Games in meetings

Fun, focus and involvement! Maybe you frequently participate in this kind of meeting: A big, wide table in a much too small room, everyone is well seated in their chairs. There is no space to move around and hardly enough room to stand up and stretch your legs. In this physical setting a very important (that means long) agenda is now to be carried out. It can be a struggle to lead or just to survive a meeting like this. Here are three ways you – in a short time – can create change, enhance focus, ex-ercise parts the body and give the participants a chance to reflect on the meeting. Download the file and...

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